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After a decade of psychological research and inquiry into what makes people happy, the value happy employees bring to work has recently gained attention in the business press. The evidence that is emerging is compelling. Happiness isn’t just a good idea, its extremely good business.

Bottom line numbers show, that happy leaders are more successful, happy employees perform much better. The Responsible Happiness Improvement Program is designed to measure and improve job contentment, employee engagement, employee well-being and happiness, by a group of happy mindset tools. Guiding employees step by step through these levels of happiness development, their performance increases and so the financial numbers of the company improve.

Excellence Consulting’s experience is that, focusing on the development of happy mindset highly increases engagement and well-being, especially when awareness intelligence elements are added as well.

Excellence Consultancy improves happiness that results in better performance. Performance though shall be self-sustainable and connected with actions that are additionally boosting its effectiveness as well. Our trainings build mentally strong, free, independent and in the same time loyal and pro-social people, that feel responsible for their surroundings and community. They naturally become more successful which in turn leads to the prosperity of their environment, company and as well as of their own.

Key Offerings

It is much easier for an organisation to create a happy, healthy and well performing culture if the mindset of the members is happy. Our Master Black Belt Consultants offer consultations on three main areas:

Talent Management

Organisations want to get ahead of the key employment trends and use new creative ways to work with self-responsible people, and so decrease fluctuation. They want to choose and grow greatness. Excellence Consultancy helps leaders upgrade their talent acquisition, selection and job integration process with key happiness factors and methods. This makes the Happiness Improvement Program more effective as the prior processes, and can bring a positive quality change as well.

Together with the team leaders, we identify the characteristics of a team and identify what profile person would fit into the team and perform the job tasks the best. We create the recruitment announcement, select the best candidates, and perform a profile test to select the best of the best. We help with the interview and later with the ensuing job placement process. We help defining the job KPIs, and together we develop and agree in a training and learning plan.

Happy Mindset Improvement Program

The result of the Happiness Improvement Program can be boosted and much easier sustained in case the organisation implements the happy mindset values in the processes.

It integrates different mood and mindset assessment tools, trainings, and consultation into a coherent and highly functional system. A full Happiness Improvement Program may include workshops, assessments, consulting, trainings, talent management, organizational development and certification.
The final goal of the Happiness Improvement Program is to make a positive change, to increase the performance and to support the positive transformation of the individual, which in turn ensures the transformation of the organization, the community and the society. Through periodic assessment and consultation, the improvement is implemented into the company culture, into the system and remains sustainable.

Organisational development

Our organisational development services help implementing happiness in all operational levels. Our Clients are seeking more than the world-class HR assessments, processes and human quality improvement programs. They aim to build a high-trust and engaged workplace culture from an all-encompassing holistic view; therefore they want to deeply implement happiness at their organisation.

Applying the best Talents, and having them learn and internalize how to be happy is a key step, which needs the supportive culture and structure of the system. If the KPIs are built up, e.g. around bonuses, it will only support the outer motivation of the employees instead of supporting the happiness improvement process which has the intention to raise intrinsic motivation and inner engagement.

Our Expertise

To increase happiness at work, we assist organizations in the implementation of a strong culture that fosters engagement, accountability and meeting objectives.

  • We provide strategic guidance, tactical (in-the-field) support and customized training.
  • Organizational diagnosis of teams or organizations to recommend solutions to the most urgent problems
  • Implementation of a startup culture to make the company more agile
  • Agile team coaching to create high-performing and motivated teams
  • Project (or team) turnaround strategies to correct situations before it’s too late
  • Increased employee engagement to attract and retain the best talent

If you would like to know more about happiness at work and how your business can benefit, contact us.

For more information about latest Happiness Environment Consultation, please drop an email to info@ec30.org

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