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An active and efficient Human Resource department is an important factor for organizational success. Organizations are finding it very difficult to attract, nurture and retain right kind of talent ensuring the organizational growth. ec30 provides comprehensive HR Solutions through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of your organization. Our team of expert consultants is dedicated towards leveraging the business potential of our clients by offering strategic HR services. We have exceptional strengths in ensuring well-timed and dependable delivery of HR solutions to clients across various sectors.

Key Offerings

Our services are designed to make a difference to human resource management through our unique methodologies. Our dedicated team of highly trained and educated consultants are passionate about taking workplace issues and translating them into HR solutions that are accessible, flexible, affordable, comprehensive and motivated by the goals and objectives of your business.

Organizational change

In every business environment, organizations need strategies and structured plans to manage change, minimize risk, and guide organizational initiatives. ec30 assists organizations in transforming themselves and building the internal capability to respond to market changes. We look at each situation holistically, from the core of an organization to external factors and business environment.

We improve efficiency, productivity, and workforce commitment. We also help clients achieve Mergers & Acquisition goals, reduce re-engineering costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Talent Management

In today’s scenario, talent acquisition and management has emerged as a key strategic process in an organization. Securing, retaining, and maximizing top talent is the result of a thoughtfully designed talent strategy. In addition to our leadership and assessment work, ec30 helps clients anticipate talent needs with workforce planning solutions that align HR with business strategy. We also help clients attract, process and acquire the right talent for each organization’s current business needs.

Benefits and Rewards

We help organizations determine compensation levels that align with their strategic talent needs and relevant talent comparators. Our advisors achieve measurable impacts on performance, efficiency, and risk management by developing cash and equity compensation programs that serve the interests of executives, owners, and the organization while managing the growing complexity of regulations, legislation and shareholder demands.

Our executive compensation and rewards advisory services are founded on:

  • Our consultants use their knowledge and experience to provide advice and counsel, not just data.
  • We consider shareholder, board member, company, and employee perspectives while reflecting both external and competitive realities.
  • We utilize executive market data from all relevant sources to meet your needs and custom design survey instruments and analytics on specific issues.
  • Our information solutions for executive remuneration combine Mercer compensation survey data for executive positions.
  • We have established global business standards to manage potential conflicts of interest inherent in advising boards of directors and management on executive rewards issues.
HR Functions

The HR function is under tremendous pressure to prove its value by creating a more productive, results-oriented workforce, while simultaneously reducing operating expenses. In other words, HR needs to get more from less—and provide measurable results to prove it.

Our HR strategy consultants help you boost HR effectiveness, efficiency, and bottom-line results by identifying your precise needs and focusing on opportunities to re-allocate your resources to the critical HR issues that drive business results.

Training and Development

ec30 offers specialized HR improvement interventions to assist clients in optimizing the productivity of their workforce. We implement HR strategies that align your workforce with your business objectives. Our training programmes and assessments are designed after understanding the value system, short term and long term goals of our clients’ businesses.

Our Expertise

HR Consulting Services from ec30 encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization. Our delivery of HR consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results. Here are a few reasons to choose our HR consulting services:

  • Whether you need ongoing HR support, assistance with a specific project or issue, or strategic insight on how to make the most of your human capital investments, ec30 is well-suited to provide exactly what you need without any hidden fees or retainers.
  • We approach each project with the success of your business in mind. We offer a personalized HR experience heavily focused on your culture and business strategy.
  • We strive to satisfy your HR needs in a way that contributes to the current objectives of your organization.
  • We take a result-based approach to the delivery of HR services. HR Consulting efforts are framed by key objectives along with the steps, resources andexpertise required to achieve those outcomes.
  • Project scope, complexity and client preferences are expertly navigated through management of schedules, deliverables, and status updates.
  • ec30’s communications are designed to be easily understood and leveraged by the target audience—whether an offer letter for a new employee or findings and recommendations report for top leadership.
  • Regardless of the project, we realize that providing an “answer” or submitting a report is not always sufficient. Equipping the employer to implement or message that information can be equally as important.

Our solutions are developed to enhance and advance your HR practices, and detail how we will consistently adapt our services to fit your changing needs. It’s the solution for business owners and managers to improve their business functions and effectively maximise the potential of their employees.

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