Social Responsibility Program Consultation

The term corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) has various meanings for different people and companies. As digital transformation becomes a driving force around the globe, we believe it is our responsibility to apply our technology expertise, passion for innovation, and the energy of our team members to the changing needs of our communities, our environment and our colleagues.

Companies with active, robust corporate social responsibility programs naturally are better regarded by their clients and the public. However, they also tend differentiate their brands with clients better than those companies without such strategies. They often have lower risk levels due to their “cleaner” business practices. And, although no conclusive studies have yet been done, they do tend to show higher profits

Excellence Consultancy Provides Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy services for like need based assessment study, CSR planning and Implementation, CSR audits, Institutional capacity building, third party impact Assessment, participatory programs for our valuable clients.

Key Offerings

We have set up a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, which brings a fresh perspective and vigor to the various CSR programs being conducted by our organization. We have been aiding communities by volunteering and taking up several social causes to support local communities. The efforts of our CSR team resulted in empowering various communities; it is our commitment to continuously take active lead in contributing positively towards our society.

Sustainability strategy

We help companies factor the full range of social, environmental and economic issues into strategy development and execution. An effective sustainability strategy focuses on a few areas that are integral to the company’s core business strategy and are where the company can have material positive impact.

Social Audits of Supply Chains

As companies expand their manufacturing and sourcing capabilities around the world, supply chain workplace conditions are increasingly scrutinized, particularly in developing countries. Excellence Consultancy has the expertise and resources to support companies throughout the process of developing an effective social compliance program, performing independent audits of compliance-related processes and controls, and reporting on results.

We are strategically positioned to provide independent social compliance audit services utilizing local auditors who are familiar with complex issues related to social compliance, including local social conditions, cultures and languages of workers, standard industry practices, and the applicable laws and regulations.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important management tool for ensuring the optimal use of natural resources for sustainable development.
Our team of experienced Environmental Assessment professionals can carryout out Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) of statutory plans and programs and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) of development projects. We can successfully guide our clients through these processes from project inception stage to public enquiry.

Measurement of Social Outcomes

Corporate social responsibility is a multidimensional concept that is often measured using diverse indicators. This paper defines corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sets up a framework to measure it. To date, the measurement systems used and the various concepts of CSR have no systematic basis. Indicators seem to be chosen on the whim of the moment. However, at least some data now exist to measure progress on social aspects of corporate behaviour.

Our Expertise

Excellence Consultancy’s Consulting assists organizations of various sizes in a broad range of sectors with their pursuit of corporate sustainability and sustainable development, from identifying and prioritising risk, defining material metrics, developing and implementing formal programs and verifying results.

EC30 has been providing CSR consulting services to several leading companies helping them shape their CSR strategy, facilitate program implementation, run cause-related marketing campaigns, and assess the impact created.

We also works with donor agencies, foundations, NGOs, and social enterprises on high-impact social programs entailing capacity building, research, events, and fundraising campaigns.

As a trusted partner, we will provide you with consulting services on the design and implementation of employee volunteering and giving programs. You will be able to better engage employees, fuel business growth, and drive positive social change through high-impact employee-led charitable giving and volunteering programs. From employee activation to competitive crowd-funding, donation matching to fundraising campaigns, and even board service and grant making, we will help you engage everyone at every level of your company.

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