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كيف تتعامل مع دول مجموعة العشرين G-20

مجموعة من مهارات الاتصال للتواصل بين الثقافات و بالاخص في بروتوكولات الأعمال للتعامل مع دول مجموعة العشرين G-20 والتي تشمل النقاط التالية: • كيفية التواصل مع مواطني الدولة. • آداب اجتماعات الأعمال. • كيفية التفاوض وصنع القرار. • آداب اللباس. … Read More

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Social Responsibility Program Consultation

The term corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) has various meanings for different people and companies. As digital transformation becomes a driving force around the globe, we believe it is our responsibility to apply our technology expertise, passion for innovation, and the … Read More

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Operations Consulting

Operations consulting, also referred to as operations management, is defined as advisory and/or implementation services that improve a company’s internal operations and performance in the value chain. Operations Management Consulting is the area of management that is concerned with (re) … Read More

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Human Resources Consulting

An active and efficient Human Resource department is an important factor for organizational success. Organizations are finding it very difficult to attract, nurture and retain right kind of talent ensuring the organizational growth. ec30 provides comprehensive HR Solutions through a … Read More

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Happiness Environment Consultation

After a decade of psychological research and inquiry into what makes people happy, the value happy employees bring to work has recently gained attention in the business press. The evidence that is emerging is compelling. Happiness isn’t just a good … Read More

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Agricultural Consulting

The global agricultural industry is uniquely positioned to meet the demand of the world’s expanding population. This demand is being driven by a growing middle class with a greater appetite for protein and better quality food. We are a leading … Read More

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